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About me
Meet Iara Line

Life Change Breakthroughs Founder, Family Constellation Facilitator, Life Coach, Speaker, Ancient Knowledge for the Modern Human advocate

Hi I am Iara, and I am here to help you to have amazing breakthroughs, and fulfillment in your life, through Family Constellation Therapy, Life Coaching, NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programing,) and by using ancient knowledge, and cutting edge modern techniques.

I will give you an opportunity to create the life you really, really  love and deserve!


I Just know that we all have the potential to have the life of our dreams. However, there are so many things that get in our way that can make us feel stuck in some areas of our life. I will help you to clear what is in your way, so you can find success on the road of your new life. 

This site is full of incredible resources and ideas that can help you change your life. Check out our  free tips and tools, private sessions, courses and workshops. Got a question? Text me +1 (808) 353-3939.

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Black Gold Luxury Black Friday Sale Instagram Post (Facebook Cover)-5.png

Women's Retreat in Sedona 
Healing & Transformation

4 DAYS  RETREAT | MARCH 22 - 26, 2024

LIMITED SPOTS » Secure your spot among the magnificent 7 women in their 40's for a life rebirth!


     Coming up

Start Your Journey

I am thrilled that you found us. Do you know why? Because I know you are not here by chance. If you found us, it is because you are ready to begin your breakthrough, in whatever area of your life you want.


I am here to support you, to help you to transmute the blocks  and traumas you have been holding, and awaken to your full potential, thriving in your life. Here you will find a variety of transformational and manifestation workshops, Family Constellation and Ancestral Healing sessions, Transformational Coaching opportunities, with the use of Neuro Linguistic Programing and other modern and ancient methodologies, free tips and tools, and guidance. You will also have the choice to be coached personally by me or by one of our outstanding life coaches.


I have been studying and training in human potential, behaviors, and healing for over ten years, and I know we all can become whatever we want to become and to have the amazing life that we dream of.

The great thing is, you won’t need ten years to learn all that I learned, read all the books I read and take all the courses and certifications I took. Do you know why? Because being passionate about helping people like you, I have been able to compile all my knowledge into the workshops, guidance,  healing modalities, and coaching programs you will find right here.

We are located in Sedona, Arizona, and most of our sessions can be provided online as well.

Thank you for visiting us. Let’s get started on your extraordinary life today! You deserve it!

Upcoming Events


JAN 28, 2024, 10AM TO 12PM





JAN 19, 2024- 5PM TO 7PM



Hiking Boots

Breakthroughs for Individuals
Personal Life Path and breakthroughs

Modern City

Breakthroughs for Business Owners


Business owners plan and mindset for maximum results

Meditation by the Sea

Breakthroughs for Well Being Energy and Vibrational Medicine, Sound Healing

Three Women

Breakthroughs for Women’s Empowerment 
Reconnect to your
core power through the use of Ancient Knowledge for the Modern Woman


Online 1:1 Family Constellation

"I had a Family Constellation session with Iara and it was absolutely life changing. We were able to resolve and clear some old, and very deep family wounds, and now I feel ready to move forward with my romantic life. I am also taking better care of myself and I feel much more confident.
Thank you so much, Iara

Tamara K



Online 1:1 Family Constellation

"During the almost two hours of session, Iara conducted everything with such sensitivity, commitment and assertiveness that I was able to access several points in my family system that needed to be looked at and treated! 

I feel in my soul, that this session was a breakthrough in my journey and in my evolutionary process! 

Iara, I’m sure you contributed to making my life better! Blessings and victories to you!

Cida Carvalho.

Online Reiki and Sound Healing Session

"I attended the Ancient Knowledge for the Modern Woman Challenge by Iara Line. It was amazing. I felt a deeper connection with my higher self, and she presented so much information along with deeply guided journeys. I also have the privilege of a Reiki and Sound Healing distance session with her. I could feel when and where she was sending Reiki. I was so deeply relaxed and even my cats came in to soak up the wonderful energy. I felt a positive shift in my physical life right away. I can’t thank her enough and can’t wait to work with her again."

 Jane Evon Bunker



Life Coaching

“I am so thrilled to tell people about Iara's life coaching work!! She is a bright light in our world and has so much wisdom to share with other souls looking to make changes in their life, big and small! I recommend her courses and coaching sessions and wish all who decide to try a beautiful journey with her. Gratitude for all your help, Iara"

Raina Camara

In person 1:1 Family Constellation

"I had a Family Constellation Session with Iara and it blew me away! I healed a lot of family trauma in just one session. I highly recommend if you are in Sedona"

Kira Kali

Ancient Power for the Modern Woman Group Coaching

" I had an issue bothering me before the session that I wanted to get resolved. When I got up after the session, I was fully energized to solve that issue in a loving and assertive way. Deep gratitude, Iara. It was beautiful!"

Ariela Santos


Ancient Power for the Modern Woman Group Coaching

" I’m still so grateful to connect to this part of me that I thought was gone, I’ve been so empty for so many years. I’ve even struggled to feel feminine at times from having a hysterectomy. Thank you so much!"

 Erin B

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Phone Number: +1 (808) 353-3939  |    Email:

Po Box 3468

Sedona, AZ, USA, 86340

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