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Breakthroughs For

Women's Empowerment

Three Women

Are you ready to get into your power and become the amazing woman  and leader you came here to be? If so, join me in this journey!


Why do modern women need empowerment?

It was not a long time ago, in 1921 when the first woman acquired the right to vote in the United States. In some countries like Afghanistan, Pakistan, Uganda, and many others, women can vote, but they need special permission, or are discouraged to vote.

Why Am I telling you that? I am telling you that as a reminder that women have been subjugated for many, many years until these days. Besides not being able to vote, women could not go to college, except if it was to become a teacher, a woman could not work, and especially could not have their own opinion or expression in society. This is what we call a Patriarchy society.

Remember that all of these CAN’T DO for women happened not that long ago, and some of our closest ancestors and grandmothers and great-grandmothers lived in this era and passed these feelings and limiting beliefs to us, consciously or unconsciously.

Today things are much easier for a woman and we have pretty much any right that a man has, but there is something still nagging in our collective consciousness that affects most women. A lot of women may still have anxiety in verbally discussing issues with a man, just because he seems to be physically stronger than her, she might have the feeling of inferiority while talking with a man in the business world, have the feeling to act more masculine to better compete in the marketplace. They may think they still do have the duty to work the whole day, take care of the children, clean the whole house, cook and be a good companion for the husband/partner all because the house and children duties are still understood in the collective mind as women's duty only. The worst thing is that a lot of these feelings may be subconscious ones, so you may not even notice them until you read this.

Have been a researcher and practitioner of Ancient Knowledge, I  went back in history to find out that in the old days women were very powerful. They were the guardians and leaders of their tribes, they were healers and shamans for the sick people, they were the priestesses and the oracles, advising Kings and Queens. They knew how to use the power of the moon and of all the nature elements for the betterment of society. They recognized the power of their wombs. They also knew the power of coming together with other women on a regular basis. They understood that, when women came together, healing, empowerment and other amazing things would happen.

I feel that it  is time for women to recognize, to remember and to reclaim their power and rise, so we can come to a balance between man and women, the feminine and the masculine,  the yin and yang.


What will you find here to empower yourself as a woman?

Join our Facebook Group "Ancient Knowledge for the Modern Woman" , where you will have access to free videos, trainings, and interviews with other powerful women, talking about how to use Ancient Knowledge in our Modern times to reclaim your power and live your life in its full potential.


Family Constellation Sessions for Woman. Family Constellation is a powerful healing modality to heal traumas in women. Unfortunately, as women, you will most likely have some unresolved family trauma that you may be carrying around with you, such as traumas related with sexual abuse, being overpowered and shut up by controlled man, a sense of inferiority. A Family Constellation Sessions can help you to identify hidden family traumas that you may be carrying and transform those traumas in strength, freeing you of burdens that you may be carrying with you for years, that may be impending you to live your life on its fullest. LEARN MORE ABOUT FAMILY CONSTELLATION SESSIONS HERE.

Check out our upcoming courses, events and sessions. CLICK HERE FOR THE UPCOMING COURSES AND SESSIONS or leave your e-mail to be informed about the next events.

Do you prefer a more personal experience? Contact us to schedule a life coach or healing  session and let’s work together one on one.

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