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Are you ready to create your extraordinary 2023 year?

Conscious Manifestation for 2023

Saturday, November 12, 10:15 am-11:45 am

 at Sedona Center for Harmony & Enrichment, Sedona-AZ


About this Workshop

"Join us for a unique and exhilarating experience where you will be practicing cutting edge manifestation techniques, combined with guided meditation, creative writing, live and pre-orchestrated music, sacred geometry and body movement for transformation and co-creation of your extraordinary life."

Do you feel  that 2022 passed too fast and you just seemed not to have enough time, energy or resources to do things you really wanted to do?


Perhaps you had plans to travel, to start a new career, to change jobs, find the love of your life, or just let it go of bad habits., but it just did not go the way you were planning. We got you, and believe us, you are not alone! Many of us are feeling just the same way you are. 2022 has been a year of many challenges for most of us, and went by way faster than we could cope with.

Maybe you did have a great 2022 year so far, but you are just looking forward to create something even better and more meaningful in your life? You are in the right place as well.

The good news is that 2023 is just around the corner and NOW is an amazing opportunity to finally create the foundation to create the life you really love! YOU DESERVE THAT!!!

Of course, in order to do that we also must let it go of what no longer serves us and open space and yourself for the NEW and fresh start!

If you are READY to let it go of what no longer serves you, raise your vibration, and create a solid foundation of the LIFE YOU REALLY LOVE, we would like to invite you to this upcoming Workshop.

At this Workshop you will  learn and experience powerful manifestation techniques, combined with guided meditation, creative writing, live and pre-orchestrated music, sacred geometry and body movement for transformation and co-creation of your extraordinary life!

Are you ready???

Why you need this now!

We believe you are here for a reason and you have an important choice to make right now.

Take charge of your life OR let it go and keep living the away you are living and is no longer serving you.

One thing for you to consider is that in this Universe we live in,  if you don't create your reality, someone else or the world will make sure to create it for you. What do you think is a better choice?

We are living in a moment in time where fear and negativity is all around us. Its is on the news, social media, on peoples daily conversations. This can create a hostel environment around us, and disempower us.

We are here to remind you that you have an innate power inside you, that when ACTIVATED and , NOURISHED can take you anywhere you want to go. Yes, we are  limitless beings.

Today you have the choice to step into your power and say enough is enough, I am ready to take charge of my life. If you say YES to yourself, to your life, we will hold your hands and and walk you through the path of creating your extraordinary life during this Workshop.

Who is it for?

Every one that is ready to let it go what no longer serves them, to raise their vibration and to create their extraordinary life.

What you need

  • An open mind and willingness  to try new things

  • Commitment to dedicate a little time for your wellbeing

  • Your water bottle

  • A journal and a pen


Book it now using this coupon #stopstressnow2021

to attend for free! Limited offer. 

Nature Walk
  • Cutting edge proven manifestation techniques. for everyday use.

  • Real manifestation case studies to inspire you.


  • Live sound bath with crystal singing bowls  and guitar to open your heart and consciousness for co-creation.

  • Intentional body movement activation.

  • Guided meditations for releasIng and co-creation.

  • Surprise GIFT  for live participants only.

  • A blue print to keep you on track after the workshop.


    In this workshop you will get: 


Leaves Shadow

Raina Camara

I am so thrilled to tell people about Iara's life coaching work!! She is a bright light in our world and has so much wisdom to share with other souls looking to make changes in their life, big and small! I recommend her courses and coaching sessions, and wish all who decide to try a beautiful journey with her. Gratitude for all your help, Iara

Kiera Schils

Over the many years I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Steven, his wisdom, insights, and guidance have been invaluably helpful to me in the most difficult times.

Leaves Shadow

Daniela Aguiar

Iara's work is very special. She is a knowledgeable and dedicated person who does her work with love. It was amazing to experience her Women’s Circle Event and watch her videos sharing powerful tools for healing.

Paula Aho

 Coach Steven’s wisdom and advice has helped both myself and my husband through seemingly impossible circumstances. Highly recommended.

 Common side effects to experience after this Masterclass

Saturday, November 12, 10:15 am-11:45am

at Sedona Center for Harmony & Enrichment, Sedona-AZ

  • Feeling empowered 

  • Feeling happier


  • Getting control of your life and wellbeing

  • Increasing of productivity

  • Becoming more energetic

  • Getting more balanced

  • Getting connected with your life purpose

Find out more about this transformational Workshop!

Meet your Guides


Iara has embraced the Conscious Growth Movement for over 10 years. She is an entrepreneur, originally from Brazil, is a Certified Family Constellation Facilitator, Certified Transformational Life Coach, a 2nd degree Reiki practitioner, a Ho’oponopono, Access Conscious Bars and NLP practitioner, and a sound activator facilitator. She is an advocate of the use of Ancient Knowledge in our modern times and is passionate about helping people to create the life they really love.

Iara has facilitated workshops in Brazil, Hawaii, and internationally (this last one using online platforms.)

She currently lives in Sedona, AZ, after living for almost 10 years on Maui, HI.

Founder of the  Ancient Knowledge for the Modern Woman Movement and the Life Change Breakthroughs.


Steven is a Mentor and Life Coach, a 3rd degree Reiki Master, a new age music composer, creative dance sound facilitator, a workshop leader,  and an international touring and recording artist for over 25 years. He was the co-founder of the YOGADANCE movement, facilitating workshops in Europe, the US and South America. He just recently moved from Maui to Sedona, AZ.

Founder of the Conscious Life Coaching and Steven Von Linne Music.

Steven and Iara combine many years of experience that includes Family Constellation, Reiki, NLP, Ho’oponopono, Access Conscious Bars, creative dance, sound Healing, and shamanic practices to help people breakthrough limitations and embrace their highest, visions, desires and divine purpose.

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