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Image by Vincentiu Solomon

Family Constellation Workshop

on Maui with Iara Line


Sunday, May 28, at 2pm

Temple of Peace, Maui, HI



​ This workshop is a deep introduction to Family Constellation healing/therapy and how it can be used to improve our lives when using its proven principles in a daily basis.


It combines interactive lessons, case studies and systemic exercises where you will be able to experience some of the benefits of Family Constellations.


From the sacred lands of Sedona to the sacred space of the Temple of Peace, on Maui, Iara will take you on a journey where you will be able to get in touch with aspects of your family lineage, the orders of love, and entanglements that may be preventing you to have a fulfilling relationship with family members and others.

A special invitation for you...
The path for a great transformation...


DAY 01


  • The Ancient sacred power of the women's womb - interactive lecture.

  • Guided  healing journey to reclaim the power of your womb.

DAY 02

  • Healing yourself with Mother Earth-interactive lecture.

  • Meditation to reconnect with the ancient power of the 4 elements.

DAY 03

  • Harnessing the powers of the 4 phases of the Moon and understanding the influence of the Moon in the women's body and mind.

  • Full Moon closing ceremony.

  • Experience shamanic drumming and crystal singing bowls during guided journeys and meditations.

  • Special bonus  for live participants.

  • Connection with  likeminded Sisters through the Ancient Knowledge for the Modern Woman Private Facebook Group.

  • Experience transformation from the comfort of your house, for FREE. This is my gift to you.

  • Daily PRIZES for challenge participants.


             What you will get:


Leaves Shadow

Jane Evon Bunker

I attended the Ancient Knowledge for the Modern Woman Challenge by Iara Line. It was amazing. I felt a deeper connection with my higher self, and she presented so much information along with deeply guided journeys. I also have the privilege of a Reiki and Sound Healing distance session with her. I could feel when and where she was sending Reiki. I was so deeply relaxed and even my cats came in to soak up the wonderful energy. I felt a positive shift in my physical life right away. I can’t thank her enough and can’t wait to work with her again." 

Leaves Shadow

Erin B

 I’m still so grateful to connect to this part of me that I thought was gone, I’ve been so empty for so many years. I’ve even struggled to feel feminine at times from having a hysterectomy. Thank you so much!"


Ariela Santos

 I had an issue bothering me before the session that I wanted to get resolved. When I got up after the session, I was fully energized to solve that issue in a loving and assertive way. Deep gratitude, Iara. It was beautiful!" - 


Meet your Guide

Life Change Breakthroughs and Ancient Knowledge for the Modern Woman Founder, and your Guide for this Course

Iara Line has embraced the Conscious Growth Movement for over 10 years. She is an international entrepreneur, originally from Brazil, is a Certified Transformational Life Coach, a Family Constellation Facilitator, a 2nd degree Reiki practitioner, a Ho’oponopono, Access Conscious Bars and NLP practitioner, a sound healing facilitator, and adept to shamanic practices. She is an advocate of the use of Ancient Knowledge in our modern times and is passionate about helping women to reclaim their power 

to feel happier and more fulfilled, by creating the lives they love.

Iara has facilitated  transformational workshops in Brazil, Hawaii, US South West, and internationally.

She currently lives in Maui, Hawaii.

Iara has a MA in Brazilian Tax Law, is a practicing Attorney at Law in Brazil and a Certified Tax and Business Consultant in the US.


Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.

Book it now using this coupon #IAMPOWER2022
to attend for FREE! Limited offer. 

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