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Breakthroughs for Business Owners

Business methodologies for maximum potential

Meditation by the Sea

Breakthroughs for Well Being Energy and Vibrational Medicine, Sound Healing

Three Women

Breakthroughs for Women’s Empowerment

Reconnect to your

core power

At Life Change Breakthroughs we believe that everyone has the potential to have the life of their dreams, to do what they would like to do professionally, to have amazing relationships with their love ones and co-workers, to have the abundance and fulfillment in all areas of their lives.


Unfortunately, most people do not even have the concept of what their “dream” life would be. For the minority that have that concept, we have a group of people that believe it would be impossible to reach their goals and have their dream life. For another group, they try to get there, but most of the times they get stuck somewhere or simply loose hope between where they are now and where they want to get.


There are many factors that can prevent an individual to reach their goal and experiencing their dream lives, and it goes from just not knowing what they want, the feeling of not having enough resources (financial scarcity or knowledge scarcity), not believing in themselves, trauma from past experiences, when things just did not work out, fear of failure, fear of success and the list goes on.

Here ate Life Change Breakthroughs you will find online courses and coaching programs, with ancient knowledge and modern cutting-edge teachings and tools, that will support you to reach your goals, to achieve your dream life, to experience the fulfillment you have been seeking.

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