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          Join me for a 90 min FREE Masterclass, and go from overworked

         to calm and confident, even if you think you don't have time!

Calling all Stressed Out Women...

 Ancient Stress Relief  Tools for the Modern Woman

Sunday, July 18th, 2pm (PT)



About this Masterclass


Are you a woman that currently has huge amounts of stress in your life and you might not even know?


Perhaps you have been experiencing bad nights of sleep, often waking up in the morning with a bad mood, or feeling snappish and with low energy? Is all of this also causing you to eat poorly during the day, not feel that great about your body and having trouble in your work and with your relationships? 

Have you also been feeling that the whole world (including family, friends, the economy) are against you and they are the cause for all of your stress issues?

If you have been feeling this way you are in the right place Dear one! I was once in your shoes not that long ago, I know your pains, and I am super happy to tell you that I discovered the remedy for your pains, and I am here to show them to you.


I also have some good news for you. Those solutions are not outside of you. They are inside you and I will teach you exactly how to access them.

I understand that in our modern world it is a challenge to have a stress free life, especially for women, since we are usually the ones that must handle everything. From  being the provider for the family as single mom's, to building our successful career, to raising our kids, keeping up with the finances, the household, our bodies, health, and beauty... all this can be very stressful and overwhelming!!

However you no longer need to suffer the consequences of all the stress you have in your life and I will teach you exactly how to conquer stress in your life once and for all.

In this Masterclass, you will learn powerful, practical, and effective  ancient tools for stress relief that you need to know to be more confident, and have a more balanced and fulfilling life.

The cost of not taking this Masterclass-Why you need this now

I believe you are here for a reason and you have an important choice to make right now.

Take charge of your life OR let it go and keep living the away you are living and no longer serving you.

However the choice of not taking action NOW, can cost you a lot.

It can cost your physical health,

  • your mental health

  • many nights without sleep

  • your relationship with your husband or partner

  • your relationship with your children and other family members

  • your job and your business

  • It can cost your successful life!

Yes, stress is a serious matter, and you must  take care of it.

I am happy to invite you to join me in this Masterclass!



Who is it for?

Every woman that can no longer tolerate the horrible stress side effects and are ready for a better quality of life, with confidence, wellbeing and happiness. 

What you need

  • An open mind and willingness  to try new things

  • Commitment to dedicate a little time for your wellbeing

  • A computer with internet access to connect to our Zoom session