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Updated: Feb 19, 2023

At this video I share with you a little bit with you one of the indigenous ways to pray and the power of prayer.

The indigenous people have a very beautiful way to pray. If I never told you before, I do have indigenous lineage in Brazil, from my father's side. My great-grandmother was a native Indian, and my great-grandfather, a farmer and Portuguese descendent. For some reason or another, our indigenous lineage was not something that I grew up hearing a lot. It was almost like it was something to be hidden.

My grandfather(indigenous descendent) died when I was very young and he carried his knowledge with him. However, my grandmother (my fathers mother) taught me beautiful ways to pray and showed me the power of prayer. I learned how to pray when I was very, very young.

I always believed in what the science now already proved. Yes, prayers are very powerful and they work!

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