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Hey there,

This is just a REMINDER that, as humans, we were not created to fit in a box. It is our DIVINE RIGHT to expand, to do great things in the world, to be happy and prosperous, to be our authentic selves.

If you have been trapped inside a box, know that this is a perfect time to get out of it.

I understand that you may have fear, or even family and collective traumas and entanglements preventing us to break free.

I am here to help you if you need.

I can tell you that by combining Family Constellation therapy and NLP techniques, you can get out of that box.

As a background, besides helping hundreds of people to get out of the box, I did it myself many times as well.

From moving from Brazil to Maui, and from Maui to Sedona. From being a Corporate Attorney at Law in Brazil, a Tax Accountant and Advisor in the USA, an international entrepreneur, while working as a holistic therapist, Life Coach, Family Constellation facilitator, and so much more.

I re-created myself dozens of times in this life time, breaking many pradigms in my personal and professional lives...

If you feel the calling and are open to receive some professional assistance in your process of "unboxing", feel free to contact me at: or just go to and CALL ME THIS WEEK.

The time to be YOUR AUTHENTIC SELF is NOW!

With love,

Iara Line @IG: iaradline

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